Transportation Services For All Occasions

We have a wide variety of transportation services, from Basic Life Support transport to Gurney Van and Wheelchair transportation services.

Transportation servICES


Disaster Response

Greater Sacramento Area Medical Transportation

We provide transportation within the Greater Sacramento region and also provide long distance transportation out of state, Our goal is to provide safe, compassionate, and timely transportation to those who need it most.


Transportation Services

We provide transportation within the Greater Sacramento region and also provide long distance transportation out of state, Our vehicles are clean, safe and reliable.

BLS Transport:

Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances that provide transport to patients who do not require extra support or cardiac monitoring. A typical BLS ambulance staffed by EMT level caregivers transport includes:

  • Lower extremity fractures
  • Discharges to home and sub-acute care facilities (nursing homes)
  • Medical and Surgical patients who do not require cardiac monitoring
  • Psychiatric Patient.

Wheelchair Transport:

Our wheelchair van is appropriate for patients who are medically stable, able to self-transfer, sit upright and self-administer oxygen. While there is no attendant present, our friendly drivers are ready to assist patients in and out of our modern and immaculate vehicles. These vehicles do not run calls to locations where the patient or driver must negotiate stairs or require assistance transferring; in that instance, a gurney van is appropriate.

Gurney Transport:

The gurney van transport service is recommended for patients who are medically stable and capable of self-administering oxygen, but must be transported lying down or in supine position. A CPR- and First Aid-trained attendant is present to make transportation as safe and comfortable as possible.

Bariatric Transport:

This specialty transport service requires a specially equipped ambulance that is modified to accommodate patients who weigh 350 to 1,200 pounds. We provide excellent patient care and we go the extra mile to ensure that our bariatric patients are comfortable and safe.

Critical Care Transport:

Highly trained Critical Care Transport Nurses, are dispatched along with an advanced life support team to provide care during transport.

Patients Who Require Critical Care Transport Include:

  • Any medicated infusion not included in the list for Paramedics
  • Patients requiring advanced hemodynamic monitoring
  • Patients requiring medical/surgical nursing expertise
  • Patients requiring a VAD, BiVAD or IABP device
  • Airway concerns and compromise

Dialysis Transport:

We provide specialized dialysis transportation services. Whether a patient has End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or is on a short-term dialysis treatment, we’re here to make transportation as easy as possible.

If a dialysis patient is bed bound, our FSRs can deliver hands-on stretcher transportation, which includes:

  • Moving bed-bound passengers from beds into stretchers
  • Transporting passengers on and off of the vehicle
  • Securely and safely strapping them into the vehicle
  • Transporting them all the way off the stretcher and to their destination
  • Providing clean stretcher equipment when necessary

Rides for Seniors:

If you or your loved one is no longer able to drive then this transportation service may apply. This transportation service is for elderly persons who can no longer drive themselves. The cost of this service ranges significantly.

Prices will vary depending on transportation chosen and distance, please make a reservation or contact us for detailed pricing


Trauma Life Care Ambulance Services provides on-location standby medical transportation at events including but not limited to:

  • Marathons
  • Football Games
  • Music Festivals
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Tennis Matches
  • Concerts
  • Inaugarations

Tournament Planning Services
We can help you plan, organize and run an event of ANY size.
Why You Should Use Trauma Life Care Medical Transportation?
Your job as Tournament Director is busy enough without having to worry about finding and scheduling qualified medical people for your tournament. Counting on parents or friends to volunteer their time can be troubling and time consuming. We take time to listen to your needs and provide solutions that will meet your organization’s expectations. The cornerstone of our business is attention to details and customer service.
One call to Trauma Life Care will free up your valuable time and provide you with peace of mind knowing that qualified medical people will be at your tournament on time! Find out why local youth, High school, amateur, club and semi – professional sports organizations choose us as their medical service provider.
Being affordable does not mean providing your organization with lesser quality service. You can pay other services more and still not receive better value or service for your money than we provide our customers. We understand the importance of working within your organization’s budget. In most cases we can save your organization money compared to what you may have been paying.
Trauma Life Care was founded by people who know that finding a reliable medical service for youth sports organizations and staying within a budget are important. Contact us about your service needs and we will work with you.
Reduce Your Organization’s Liability
Trauma Life Care staff are carefully screened and must pass a complete criminal background check before being hired. All staff are fully insured for professional liability. This is assurance to you that you are getting qualified medical people for your tournaments. Your association takes on enough liability managing it’s sports program. Hiring uninsured, unscreened medical people to staff your tournaments puts your organization, participating athletes and your sports program at risk.
Can your present medical service vendor provide proof that it conducts background checks or produce proof of professional liability insurance? In today’s world, can your organization really afford to not know who is working for you?
High Visibility and Presence
Trauma Life Care staff wear apparel that clearly identifies them to players and spectators as qualified medical people and are readily available to respond when needed.
Your tournament will not only be safer but having Trauma Life Care on site will help make your tournament an event that spectators and teams will remember and will want to come back to again.
Detailed Billing
Your organization will receive a detailed invoice after your event is completed. Your invoice will clearly identify who was working your event as well as the time and dates. All charges for our service are clearly listed there are no hidden surcharges or fees. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Prices will vary depending on the event and many other factors, please make a reservation or contact us for detailed pricing

Healthcare Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facility:

A skilled nursing facility is a special facility or part of a hospital that provides medically necessary professional services from nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists and audiologists. Skilled nursing facilities provide round-the-clock assistance with healthcare and activities of daily living.

Assisted Living Facility:

Assisted Living Facilities offer a housing alternative for older adults who may need help with dressing, bathing, eating, and toileting, but do not require the intensive medical and nursing care provided in nursing homes.


Prices will vary depending on the length of stay and many other factors, please contact us for a quote

Make a Reservation

Please do not hesitate to contact us about your next appointment, we are here to provide transportation to dialysis centers, medical appointments, and more for our senior citizens and veterans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of transportation are provided?
  • BLS Transport
  • ALS Transport
  • Wheelchair Transport
  • Gurney Transport
  • Bariatric Transport
  • Critical Care Transport
  • Dialysis Transport
Do you provide transportation in any city or town?

Yes! We provide transportation within the Greater Sacramento region and also provide long distance transportation out of state, Our vehicles are clean, safe and reliable.

If I need to travel long distances, can you provide such service?

Yes, long distance transportation can be provided.

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Non-emergency medical transportation is a form of medical transport which is provided for non-emergency situations to people who do not require immediate medical attention. Non-Emergency transportation is a safe and comfortable way of disabled travel without having to transfer from your wheelchair, stretcher, oxygen tank along with any other apparatus needed as long as you do not require immediate medical attention from a EMT, DOCTOR or NURSE. Ambulances, helicopters, and other emergency transport vehicles may also be used in non-emergency medical transport, however the primary use of this type of transportation is to travel with a medical team which can provide urgent life support if the need arises. This type of services can be considered expensive if you do not require such assistance. Thus, Non-Emergency transportation is available by ambulette providers like us.

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